Flare International Festival of New Theatre, Manchester 13-18 July 2015

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Welcome to FLARE15!

Welcome to the 6 days and 23 performances of FLARE15.

From Monday 13 to Saturday 18 July, Contact, the Royal Exchange Theatre, Z-arts and the Martin Harris Centre for Music and Drama will present a range of experiences at the cutting edge of international theatre. Double bills and triple bills of exciting and challenging theatre, interactive theatre experiences, works in progress and works by UK and international students, all make up the performance programme.

Alongside this there are plenty of chances to participate yourself – in a range of workshops, feedback sessions and discussions, online and of course in our opening and closing parties.

If you enjoy theatre, if you’re open to new experiences created by exciting new artists, this is a chance you really can’t afford to miss.

What’s on

FLARE15 Festival Opening

19:30 - MON 13 JULY - CONTACT. Join us to celebrate the opening night of FLARE15. As most of the 58 artists involved, from 10 different countries, arrive in Manchester, we...

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WELCOME – Mareike Wenzel and the New Collective

DURATIONAL - MON 13-FRI 17 - CONTACT. Seven women from a different country stranded in Manchester. How to start a new life, once you have left everything behind? Strangers amongst strangers,...

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#LOSMICRÓFONOS – Guillem Mont de Palol & Jorge Dutor

14:30 - TUES 14 JULY  &  19:30 - WED 15 JULY - ROYAL EXCHANGE THEATRE. Chenoa, Chenoa, Chenoa, Chenoa!! Cher, Cher, Cher, Cher!! Michael Jackson dressed as Jimi Hendrix buys a kilo of...

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UK students – Ashley Williams/Uni of Chichester, Leentje Van de Cruys/Uni of Salford

17:00 - TUES 14 JULY - MARTIN HARRIS CENTRE. FUTURE FLARES - UK students. THE CIRCULATION GAME - Ashley Williams UK The Circulation Game is a solo performance that uses digital storytelling devices to ‘illustrate’...

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THE TUESDAY TRIPLE BILL – Hannah Sullivan, Figs in Wigs, Johnny’s Horse

19:30 - TUES 14 JULY - CONTACT. WITH FORCE AND NOISE - Hannah Sullivan UK When were you last angry? With Force and Noise is Hannah’s first attempt at articulating anger. This personal one-woman...

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THE PRIVILEGED – Jamal Harewood

13:00 - WED 15 JULY& 12:00 SAT 18 JULY - CONTACT. Have you ever seen a polar bear in the flesh? Been close enough to notice just how white these magnificent...

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Works in progress – Rachael Clerke, Antoine Fraval

17:00 - WED 15 JULY - MARTIN HARRIS CENTRE. FUTURE FLARES - Works in progress. CUNCRETE - Rachael Clerke UK Cuncrete is the stage version of the TV show that might have happened if Chris...

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THE WEDNESDAY TRIPLE BILL – Daan van Bendegem, Dorian Selic Petek, Ja Ja Ja Ne Ne Ne

19:30 - WED 15 JULY - Z-ARTS. WHO"S AFRAID OF RED, YELLOW AND BLUE - Daan van Bendegem NL An art-history lesson on speed about one of the biggest murders ever committed in...

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14:30 - THU 16 JULY & 19:30 - Fri 17 JULY - ROYAL EXCHANGE THEATRE. Presented by Hof Van Eede, Big in Belgium, Theater Aan Zee, Richard Jordan Productions, Theatre Royal...

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J.U.D.I.T.H. – Marja Christians & Isabel Schwenk

17:00 - THU 16 JULY - MARTIN HARRIS CENTRE. Future Flares 3 – International students. ‘J.U.D.I.T.H.’ is ‘discourse-theatre with poetic-abstract choreographic elements’. Based on a drama by Friedrich Hebbel, things start to...

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THE THURSDAY DOUBLE BILL – El Conde de Torrefiel, Sleepwalk Collective

19:00 - THU 16 JULY - CONTACT. SCENES FOR A CONVERSATION AFTER VIEWING A MICHAEL HANEKE FILM - El Conde de Torrefiel ES Nobody really knows what to do with their life....

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THE PRESTON BILL (work in progress) – Andy Smith

14:00 - FRI 17 JULY- Z-ARTS  &  18:30 - SAT 18 JULY - ROYAL EXCHANGE THEATRE. Presented by Andy Smith and Fuel. Written and performed by Andy Smith. Future Flares - Work...

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The FRIDAY TRIPLE BILL – Body On, Tiana Hemlock, Thomas Martin

19:30 - FRI 17 JULY - CONTACT. BODY ON - Tamar Blom and Kajetan Uranitsch NL Two performers in an empty space, in search for each other. looking for a way of...

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20:00 - SAT 18 JULY - Z-ARTS. Marking the climax of FLARE15, the Extraordinary Flare Party takes over Z-arts, filling it with performance, live music, food and dancing. Full details to...

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Flare is an ongoing project that aims to provide support for new international theatre artists with the potential to define the theatre of the future, to establish Manchester as an international hub for new radical theatre makers, to capitalise on the international profile of the city established by the Manchester International Festival, and to galvanize the contemporary theatre audience in Manchester.

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The Flare Venues

For FLARE15 we are delighted to be working with some of Manchester’s leading studio theatres including Contact, The Studio at the Royal Exchange Theatre, Z-arts and The Martin Harris Centre for Music and Drama at the University of Manchester. See below if you want to know more about them.

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The FLARE15 Team

FLARE15 is being organised and run in close collaboration with the staff at the partner venues, supported by a large team of volunteers. The Core Team are Neil Mackenzie, Jackie Crozier, Clare Simpson, Chris Whitwood, James Barker, Gareth Cutter, Susan Fareham, Christie Hill, Sarah Sharp, Alice Withers and Laura Kendall.

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FLARE15 is about participating as much as it is about being an audience. We want to give everyone a chance to get involved in the creative and the reflective aspects of the festival. As such we have a programme of workshops and discussions complementing the programme of performances.

Full details, including information about times and locations, will be available soon. Look out for your chance to have a go, or have your say!


Talk back

A series of chaired sessions where the artists get to hear about how the audience responded to their performances, mostly from the night before.


Wake up and tune in

A chance to spend quality time paying attention to your own sense of wellbeing at the start of a busy festival day, with an established Feldenkrais practitioner.



Daily workshops led by established performance practitioners from Manchester, elsewhere in the UK and from amongst the selected artists performing at the festival.


The FLARE15 Open Forum

An afternoon of discussion groups made up of artists, invited guests and members of the public, and focusing on a range of issues arising in the festival.


Coming to you

Practical performance workshops organised for specific groups connected to the Flare venues, and scheduled mostly the week before the festival.



Become a Flare volunteer today –  tell us why you want to volunteer for FLARE15, which areas you are happy to work in, what experience you have and when you are available.





Flare would love to hear from you. You can use the form below for any general inquiries, or you can contact the Flare directors individually at:

Neil Mackenzie, Artistic Director – neil(at)flarefestival.com
Clare Simpson, Audience Director – clare(at)flarefestival.com
Jackie Crozier, General Director – jackie(at)flarefestival.com

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