Double Bill: ONE (NL) & Leopard Murders (CH)

by BOG

An award winning solo by Lisa Verbelen, in which a rolling score drives the increasingly musical contribution of a lone performer, as she negotiates the inevitable circularity of the world she’s caught up in.

ONE is about all things: time, space, light, sound, organisms, objects, people, feelings and thoughts.

Enchantingly simple, this is a performance that reflects on movement and, because it’s a solo, on loneliness – a very beautiful choir piece for four voices, sung by one woman.

Lisa Verbelen graduated with a Masters in Music Theatre from the Royal Conservatoire of the Haag in 2014. She is part of award-winning theatre collective BOG, with ​Anne Vanderbruggen, Judith de Joode and Benjamin Moen, who all graduated from the Theatre Academy in Maastricht in 2010.

Concept / composition / performance: Lisa Verbelen Final director: Judith De Joode
Dramaturgy: Roos Euwe
Production: Anne Baltus
Technical design: Jaap Bontekoe
Supported by: d e t h e a t e r m a k e r, De Brakke Grond, De Buren.

Click here for reflections on ONE with Dramaturg Roos Euwe.

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Tuesday 4 July
+ Wednesday 5 July


£12 (£8 concessions)

M15 4FN
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Leopard Murders
by K.U.R.S.K (CH)

The story of a man – a radical politician, speech writer, Nazi SS officer, peace activist, grandfather. What does it say about truth, about the populist politicians of today? Acclaimed across Germany, Austria and Switzerland, and only banned once....

Leopard Murders tells the story of George Ebrecht, grandfather of Timo Krstin, the director of K.U.R.S.K. George Ebrecht began his career as a german settler in Eastern Africa, where he became a racist politician and a writer of unsuccessful novels. He failed as an artist and went back to Germany. Arriving in the early thirties, he soon joined the national socialist movement. Instead of writing novels, he wrote speeches, full of hate and verbal violence. Directly after WWII, George Ebrecht appeared to forget about his past as a nazi-criminal and joined the growing peace movement of West Germany. Again he became a writer of political speeches, now for the other side, the pacifist left, but with the same enemy: the ‘cruel USA’ and the ‘weak democratic system’ in Germany.

Using the example of George Ebrecht, the group K.U.R.S.K sets out on a search for clues about a seemingly new type of politician called the ‘right wing populist’, someone who dedicates their life to fighting the establishment and who is willing to use any political argument, whether left or right, to achieve their goals. Maybe, this kind of politician is not so new. Maybe we can learn from history about the strategies of these politicians. Leopard Murders is the archeology of modern populism.

Concept, direction, performance, text Timo Krstin Performance, text, dramaturgy Liliane Koch Set design, performance Lukas Sander music, lyrics, performance Rosanna Zünd
A production by K.U.R.S.K in co-production with Freischwimmer Festival. Supported by the City of Zurich’s Department of Cultural Affairs and the Canton of Zurich’s Department of Cultural Affairs.

Due to the nature of the subject matter, some of the text may cause offence.
This performance also includes strobe lighting and loud music.

The company
K.U.R.S.K is a theatre group consisting of Timo Krstin, Lukas Sander and Liliane Koch. Their projects deal with political and historical topics in relation to literature. Leopard Murders for example researches the speeches and forgotten novels of George Ebrecht. In 2015 the K.U.R.S.K created a 6 month show of poems and excessive re-enactment of the Dada movement in the birthplace of Dada, Cabaret Voltaire. The play Die Versenkung des Atom-U-Boots Kursk durch den Feigling Steven Jobs was a play about deconstructive postdramatic play writing in times, that simply doesn’t care anymore about deconstructivism.

K.U.R.S.K have been invited to several important festivals such as Körberstudio Junge Regie, Festival Premières, Freischwimmer and played in many of the big houses for German speaking theatre.

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