Double Bill: Someone loves you drive with care & Breathe (Everything Is Going To Be Okay) (UK)

Someone Loves You Drive With Care
by Tom Cassani

In Someone Loves You Drive With Care Tom Cassani exposes the techniques of deception, and teaches how to spot it in action. Stripping back any physical means of trickery, he works closely with the audience to explore and expose deception and truth, and the fine line between the two.

Watch everyday action turn into the impossible. Explore moments in time that might have happened, that have never happened, and that will never happen. How might this relate to holding a stranger’s hand? Or crying? Or being born at the same time as a tree?

Tom is a performance artist and liar. He places myself in vulnerable situations to examine the extremities of collectively constructed truth and lies. Trained in sleight of hand and prestidigitation, he uses deceit as an artistic platform to explore truth, honesty, authenticity and manipulation. Tom invites you to investigate his relationship with a practice founded on bending the truth and being honest about doing just that.

Based in London, Tom Cassani has collaborated with a range of artists including johnsmith, Tim Spooner, Marisa Carnesky and David Hoyle.

Image by Tom Cassani and Manuel Vason.

Performance Double Bill

Friday 7 July


£12 (£8 concessions)

The Lowry
Pier 8, The Quays, Salford M50 3AZ

Alicia Jane Turner, Breathe, SPILL Festival of Performance 2016, Produced by Pacitti Company. Photo by Guido Mencari.

Breathe (Everything Is Going To Be Okay)
by Alicia Jane Turner (UK)

Breathe (Everything Is Going To Be Okay) is a full body immersion of soaring strings and spiralling sound in a daringly vulnerable solo performance exploring the relationship between our bodies and minds. Blending visceral live music and the sounds of the body with intimate confessions, Breathe is an unflinchingly honest dissection of anxiety, fear and our survival instincts.

Shown at SPILL Festival of Performance 2016, and All The Right Notes at Camden People's Theatre 2016.

Sound Design: George Percy
Lighting Design: Alex Fernandes

Alicia Jane Turner is a violinist, composer and performance artist in London working across live art, theatre, and contemporary classical music.

Her solo practice focuses on the vulnerability and intimacy of live music performance, using compositions and visceral sound design to ask questions about physicality, mental health, identity and healing, and explore the relationship between the internal and external body.

She is a regular collaborator with theatre-maker Christopher Brett Bailey, scoring and performing the music for his performance projects.

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