Future Flares

Are you a current or graduating under-graduate student who has been involved in the creation of a high quality piece of ‘experimental’ theatre?

Or are you an artist who wants to show some work in development?


FUTURE FLARES is the student and work-in-progress strand of the Flare International Festival of New Theatre 2017 (FLARE17). Current or graduating students can propose pieces between 10 and 40 minutes long, and artist-directed student projects are also eligible. Priority will be given to group projects over solo work, to ensure that the maximum number of students benefit.

Equally more established artists can present work of a similar length that is not yet fully developed.

The work will normally be programmed into a fully equipped black box studio theatre with retractable seating for 100-150.


How do I apply?

Applications are welcome up to the deadline date for all applications, which is 17th March. Simply fill out the FUTURE FLARES application form, available here, and forward to futureflares@flarefestival.com.


What is the deal?

There is no charge to present work as part of FUTURE FLARES, although students will need to pay for their accommodation and festival passes, and arrange (and pay for) their own transport. The price of accommodation and passes is still to be confirmed, but will be kept to a minimum, as the aim is simply to cover the costs involved.