Double Bill: Moore Bacon! (BE) & Charlie and the Bukowskies (NL)

Moore Bacon!
by Bosse Provoost and Kobe Chielens/de polen

An award-winning show where a live body floats in a dark space. It stretches, shrinks and bursts into pieces, only to re-appear afresh. Moore Bacon! plays with the spectator’ s eye, creating form, texture and colour in the imagination as much as the reality of the stage.
Whilst this disintegrating body inevitably speaks to us about death, there is a strength and joy, and playfulness, to be found in a pile of chunks trying to puzzle themselves back together.

Director Bosse Provoost (BE) and performer Kobe Chielens (BE) studied contemporary theatre together at KASK/School of Arts in Ghent. In 2016 they founded the artist collective de polen with Lieselotte De Keyzer and Geert Belpaeme.  Moore Bacon!, Kobe and Bosse’s debut after graduating, won the IYMA Award and Het Debuut Award at ITs Festival and won the Jongtheaterprijs at Theater Aan Zee. Between 2017 and 2021 Bosse is part of Toneelhuis’P.U.L.S. (Project for Upcoming Artists for the Large Stage) trajectory.

Warning: This performance includes nudity and strobe lighting.

Performance Double Bill

Saturday 8 July


£12 (£8 concessions)

M15 4FN
(click to see on map)

Charlie and the Bukowskies
by Nineties Productions (NL)

A fictitious tribute band play their songs (and scenes as if they where songs) based on the prose and poetry of the American misfit of the beat generation: Charles Bukowski.
Charlie and the Bukowskies is a performance that uses the form of a concert, a theatrical concert with electronic beats, a keytar and a cello. Two decades after the death of Charles Bukowski, four young performers pay an homage to the raw perspective of this dirty old man. Bukowski wrote rebellious and tormented poems about ordinary life and the drudgery of work, whilst drinking, provocating and misbehaving at the bottom of society.

Distanced from the masses - alone with his typewriter, some bottles of booze and frequently a woman - he would come to his senses. With easy irony and self-mockery he described a crazy world, which most thought of as normal.  Even after his death, his work and his perspective on life still inspires young generations and resonates for the older ones. Don’t take anything for granted and if you want something, go for it, but do it all the way!

Nineties Productions is a theatre company based in Amsterdam, led by Anne Maike Mertens (director), Floor Houwink ten Cate (dramaturg) and Yannick Noomen (performer). For each project they assemble a new cast with whom they form a temporary collective to make the performance. Nineties’ signature is the element of live music, written and played by the collective. The performances have a mix of art and pop culture, which is one of Nineties’ goals - to bring these worlds closer together, so that they can enrich each other and undermine the perception of elitism in theatre.

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