Double Bill: Grand Applause (ES) & Beauty and the Beast (TR/DE)

Grand Applause
by Guillem Mont de Palol & Jorge Dutor

Welcome to Grand Applause, an extraordinary on-stage exhibition of performance and visual art, presented in the form of the opera - Carmen.

In the opera, Don José falls in love with Carmen who becomes infatuated with the bullfighter Escamillo. Don José’s love quickly turns to violent jealousy. He tracks Carmen down and kills her.

On a stage that is wired for sound, Grand Applause offers a stirring soundtrack, a live chorus and a choreography of artworks, by three artists: Norberto Llopis in the role of Carmen, Luis Urculo in the role of Don José and Bernhard Willhelm as the toreador Escamillo.

After their huge hit #losmicrófonos at FLARE15, irrepressible theatrical mavericks Guillem Mont de Palol and Jorge Dutor are back in the UK, in Manchester, but on a much bigger scale…

"In our last works, we play with language, semiotics, signifier and signified, sound, physicality of the sound, body and movement. We are not afraid of humour, as a vehicle to question forms of production, creation, exhibition, interaction and contamination of our artistic practice. We believe in a certain political dimension to our work, when trying to expand the concept of choreography and working at the limit of theatre, in friction with other artistic disciplines."

Acción Cultural Española
Extra funding for the Spanish work in the festival has been provided by Acción Cultural Española. (AC/E) supports the Festival through the Programme for the Internationalisation of Spanish Culture (PICE), in the form of Mobility Grants.

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Wed 5th July


£12 (£8 concessions)

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Beauty and the Beast
by Enis Turan (DE/TR)

Let’s talk about gender baby, let’s talk about you and me… Go crazy and celebrate your dreams and your differences, through the body of a real live superstar. Inspired by the freak shows of the 19th century, this show twists and dissolves body norms and gender binaries.

Balanced on the line between irony and sincerity, Turan’s Beauty and the Beast creates a queertopia unveiling the hollow and senseless constructs of normality.

Born and raised in Turkey, Enis Turan is a freelance performer and choreographer based in Germany. He studied aviation and aerospace engineering at the Technical University of Berlin, before studying contemporary dance at the University for Music and Dance Cologne and the Iceland Academy of the Arts. He was the only “male” artist to receive a scholarship from Lancôme for talented female art students.

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