PARTY by Beaches (ES)

by Beaches

PARTY is an extraordinary and immersive dance and audio show for 10 spectators at the time. Alluding to elements of our collective memory and popular culture, the piece creates a utopian simulation of a night out, one that functions as a detonator for hacking the senses of the spectator, blurring the limits between reality and representation.

“This here is the warm-up that every man and every woman needs to do.”
María Velasco

“Manages to dynamite the limits between reality and representation and to make us conscious of a collective - and also individual - pulsation like a great concert.”
Maite Rodriguez, Norton Magazine

Original idea and production: Beaches
Text: iara Solano
Voiceover in english and spanish: iara Solano
Voiceover in portuguese: Daniela Perez
Sound design and original music: Sammy Metcalfe (Sleepwalk Collective)
Execution: Daniela Perez, Sammy Metcalfe & iara Solano

PARTY was premiered in July 2016, in Las Naves de Español at Matadero Madrid, with the support of Frinje Madrid.

PARTY requires the audience to wear blindfolds whilst standing.

The company
Beaches is the artistic collaboration between iara Solano (Basque Country, Spain) and Daniela Perez (Tocantins, Brazil). Beaches explore ways of producing fissures in the conventional formats of theatre and dance, creating site-specific immersive works where the figure of the performer is decentralised and movement is brought to life by the spectator’s own body.

Video Trailer

Acción Cultural Española
Extra funding for the Spanish work in the festival has been provided by Acción Cultural Española. (AC/E) supports the Festival through the Programme for the Internationalisation of Spanish Culture (PICE), in the form of Mobility Grants.

Immersive performance

Wednesday 5 July
Thursday 6 July
Friday 7 July
Saturday 8 July


Duration 35mins

£6 (£4 concessions)

The Flare Hub
(The old Cornerhouse building
No.70 Oxford St, M1 5NH)
(click to see on map)

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